Services I Offer

Individual Therapy

In a warm and soothing environment, where privacy and confidentiality are highly prioritized, I first establish trust and confidence to set the ground for a heartful journey of restoration and healing. I work with individual in need to address major life challenges or transitions, chronic illness, relationship issues, anxiety, feeling of being stuck and hopeless, or simply feeling numb. I help people reconnect with their inherent strengths, identify obstacles and move forward with a deep sense of empowerment.

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Individual & Group Therapeutic Art

Playing with colorful art material as a therapeutic alternative is a mindful, exciting and yet calming experience all at once. In a safe and nurturing environment, I facilitate several type of workshops where art is at the center of the healing process.    


  • Promote nonverbal self-expression of feelings and emotions

  • Enhance self-awareness and insight

  • Alleviate depression, anxiety and isolation

  • Restore level of functioning

  • Overall enhance the physical and emotional well-being of the participants/artists. 

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Session in French

Often, our deepest emotional state is connected to our childhood experiences and memories, being able to express ourself in our primary language might become essential to the process and progress of therapy.  I am fluent in French and would be pleased to provide therapy in your primary language as needed. 


Certains états émotionnels profonds et persistants sont souvent reliés aux expériences et souvenirs de l'enfance. Conséquemment, pouvoir s'exprimer dans sa langue maternelle favorise le processus de rappel et d'évocation pour le mieux-être de la personne. Etant moi-même de langue d'origine française,  c'est avec plaisir que je vous accompagnerai dans votre démarche.

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